The 8 Most Nude-Friendly Destinations Around the World

We've said it before and we will say it again: Nakations (that's naked vacations) are on the rise. So where is everybody going? According to Jeff Baldasarre, director of marketing and PR for the American Association for Nude Recreation, those looking to bare it all are unsurprisingly chasing warmer weather. "They are looking at seasonal travel, just the same as textile travelers," he says. Textile travelers are what naturists refer to as folks who prefer to travel fully or partially clothed. When asked if any destinations stand out as being more progressive as far as allowing nudity, Baldasarre told us the nakation climate is always changing and nude-friendly spots are popping up so fast that it's hard to point out any outliers. However, we've done a little research of our own and come up with this handy list of the world's most nude-friendly destinations. At these eight places, you can easily find a place to slip out of the confines of your clothes and enjoy a free-spirited vacation, just as nature intended.  

1. Florida

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort/Oyster

When it comes to naturists, Florida is pretty open-minded. Perhaps it's the warm weather and increasing number of snowbirds who can't wait to shed more than just their winter coats, but this state has a handful of nude spots to check out. While you might be able to get away with sunbathing semi-topless on Miami's South Beach, you can bare it all just a few minutes away on the mostly secluded sands of Haulover Beach. This beach draws a vacationing European crowd, but note that it is both clothing-optional (so you might be around some suited sunbathers) and family-friendly. Some other nude-friendly Floridian beaches include Playalinda near Cape Canaveral, Apollo Beach, and Hobe Sound on Jupiter Island. Florida also has a good selection of naturist resorts, including three -- Paradise Lakes Resort, Lake Como Family Nudist Resort, and Caliente Resort -- in Land O' Lakes (just north of Tampa) alone. There's also the ever-popular Cypress Cove Nudist Resort just outside Orlando

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2. Germany

Michael Behrens/Flickr

There's a name for nudism in Germany -- "Freik√∂rperkultur" (FKK), which translates to Free Body Culture. You may have heard that Europe is full of nude beaches, but the first official nude beach opened here, way back in 1920. Germans aren't body shy and it's common to find people stripping down in designated clothing-optional or nude spaces. What's great about Germany is that nude experiences go beyond the beach, too (though there are still plenty of nude beaches to be found). In Wiesbaden, you can get steamy, have a soak, and relax sans suit at the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme bathhouse. You can also go full-on naturist in designated areas of several German parks, like the English Garden in Munich or Tiergarten in Berlin. Just look for signs marked with FKK. For a more social experience, check out one of Germany's social nudist clubs, where folks gather to play sports, hike, and hang in the buff. 

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3. Thailand

Beach at SALA Phuket Resort & Spa, Mai Khao/Oyster

Asian cultures tend to be conservative when it comes to nudity -- that is, outside of public bathhouses and hot springs. However, Thailand is quickly becoming a hot spot for naturist travel, thanks to a surprising selection of nude beaches and naturist hotels (many of which are owned by women). Some of Thailand's best nude beaches can be found on the islands -- just keep in mind that most are unofficially nude. The popular tourist haven of Phuket has two nude beaches of note. On the southernmost tip in Rawai, you'll find Nui Beach, and on the northwestern tip, there's Mai Khao Beach. Mai Khao Beach clocks in at over five miles long, making it the longest nude beach in the country. Lemon Tree is a popular naturist resort on the island. Moving inland, you'll find bare skin abound in landlocked spots like Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok, Oriental Village in Chiang Mai, and Pattaya's family-friendly Phuan Naturist Village.

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4. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Beach Entrance at Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort/Oyster

Cancun and its surrounding areas are huge tourist hot spots, especially for Americans. Nestled among those massive mega-resorts is a good selection of nude-friendly resorts, making the Riviera Maya a solid pick for nakations. Most famous are the Desire resorts in Puerto Morelos, Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort. You can also shake it all off at the Intima Resort Tulum, Naked in Tulum Condo, or the Hidden Beach Resort near Puerto Aventuras. If you're feeling more of a topless-only vibe, you can get away with it on a few public beaches, like the stretch of natural sand in Tulum, just off the Mezzanine Colibri Boutique Hotel

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5. Australia

Folks who are looking for a bit more action while wearing nothing (get your mind out of the gutter) should consider a trip to Australia. In fact, they are so down with nakedness Down Under that clothing is often not at all optional. Sure it's a long flight, but you can stretch your legs and exercise your way out of the jet lag by participating in tons of adventurous activities -- all without a stitch of clothing. Join a mass skinny-dip in the sea during the annual Sydney Skinny, go hiking and canyoning in the bush (with a supervised group, of course), or take yoga and art classes. If you're not into being judged while naked, skip the Nude Games at Maslin Beach. Each January, fearless folks gather on Australia's first nude beach to compete festival-style games like three-legged races and frisbee throwing. Don't worry -- if you're not the outdoorsy or adventurous type, Australia still has a handful of nude-friendly resorts where you can relax. 

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6. Spain

View From Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace/Oyster

Spain may be the most nude-friendly place on earth. Not only is it legal to bare all anywhere -- beaches, parks, streets, you name it -- but it's actually written into the country's constitution as an inalienable right. That said, you aren't likely to find folks just strolling around, letting it all hang out. Even though it's legal, there are still social norms that give nudity a time and a place. Most beaches will have a few people going topless and even some who feel more comfortable completely naked, but you'll also find dedicated nude beaches. If you want your pick of official nude beaches, head to Formentera, a tiny island about a 30-minute ferry ride from Ibiza. It's the smallest of the Balearic Islands and used to be a naturist hot spot. Several of the beaches here are still officially designated as nude. Majorca's Es Trenc Beach is also a popular spot to sunbathe totally naked. 

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7. Jamaica

Beach View at Couples San Souci/Oyster

As we've pointed out before, Jamaica is a mecca for clothing-optional resorts. The only caveat is that these properties are mostly for couples and have a romantic or sex-forward lean. We should also add that despite its relaxed reputation, this Caribbean island can have some very conservative viewpoints and the only place you'll be able to be nude is on the resort property. If you're hearing the call of Negril's famous Seven Mile Beach, you've got a few options. Shack up and strip down at the clothing-optional Hedonism II, relax and rekindle the flame at Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away, or get luxurious at the Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel All-Suite Resort. Ochos Rios also has options, like the nude island at Couples Tower Isle as well as the fully nude resort, Couples San Souci

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8. France

Westminster Hotel & Spa/Oyster

France has a reputation for its nude and topless beaches. In fact, there's even a whole town on the Mediterranean dedicated to the naturist lifestyle. Often referred to as Naked City, Cap d'Agde pulls in tens of thousands of tourists in the peak summer season. Visitors flock to the coast and naturist village resort where nude is the norm (though clothing is still optional). Unlike most other places on this list, you can actually see people living their day-to-day lives -- including going grocery shopping -- completely naked. It's worth noting that over the decades, this once family-friendly seaside town morphed into more of an adult playground, at least in certain open areas. In other parts of France, nudity isn't technically legal or illegal, and it's more common in the south than the north. Still, check with locals or the internet to see which beaches give the green light for going topless or full-on nude. 

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