Hawaii offers so much to do that dining can sometimes take a backseat to surfing, hiking, and diving -- especially since the islands have a reputation for expensive eats. But it shouldn't! Whether you want to try roast pork at a luau, catch your own dinner in the Pacific, or pick up some fresh fruit from the variety of farmers' markets on the islands, eating in Hawaii is almost always guaranteed to be delicious. We've picked out some of our favorite dishes and restaurants from across the islands, so be prepared to start salivating: Mama's Fish House is a Maui institution, serving traditional Polynesian cuisines since the 1970s. Located on a white sand beach on Maui's North Shore, the renovated beach house is tucked into a grove of coconut trees, creating a scenic atmosphere for dining. Dishes include island prawns, Tahitian-style ceviche, ti leaf-grilled ahi, and traditional roast boar.

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