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Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Hong Kong has long been called the "World's Fair of Food" -- and with good reason. It seems you can't take two steps in the bustling Asian city without tripping over a Michelin star or two. Cuisine here is a complex fusion of Cantonese cooking, Japanese flavors, Southeast Asian flair, and even Western due to its history as a British colony and an international city of commerce. The city's hotels have been quick to up the ante when it comes to cuisine, battling each other for prominence in an industry where the food is just an important as the rooms. Here, Oyster lets you in on some of the tastiest Michelin-starred in Hong Kong. Amber offers a contemporary interpretation of French cuisine from chef Richard Ekkebus that has snagged two coveted Michelin stars. His flavors have been described as "beguiling" -- among many other complimentary adjectives --and his artistic presentation is only dwarfed by the stunning Adam Tihany-designed interiors. Oyster's Menu Pick: Hokkaido sea urchin in a lobster Jell-O with cauliflower, caviar, and crispy seaweed waffles.

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